Japan Association of
New Public

About us

Modern times where social problems become complicated and become serious.
The goal is to involve the administration, companies and residents, and to achieve results across the organizational and positional barriers "collective impact." Collaborating with organizations with different positions and fields, we will cross the barriers of the organization and utilize each other's strengths to solve social issues. As a way to open up the future of Japan, a developed country of social issues. Social problems are becoming more complex and serious in current society.
Involving the governmental organizations, enterprises, and citizens together,
collective impact aims to solve various social issues.


Japan Association of New Public shall create action teams of NPOs and social enterprises (hereinafter referred to as "social businesses"), reform the system to solve social problems, collaborate with various sectors, and strengthen the management capabilities of the social sector. We aim to contribute to public benefit by empowering those suffering from social exclusion, repression, poverty, injustice etc., and making Japan a society where more cases of solving social problems are created continuously.
Japan Association of New Public shall create active teams of NPOs and social enterprises (referred as “social business”),


Name Japan Association of New Public(Short name:JANP)
Street address 3st floor of DS Ichigaya building 2-1 Ichigayahachimancho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0844 (within the general corporate RCF office)
Established year October 24, 2017
Business contents ① Collective · Impact promotion
support of collective / impact project led by members, cooperation planning with companies / administration etc.
② Subcommittee
Member-led subcommittees operated as a theme-specific impact creation
③ Policy proposal
Policy making / proposal and hearing correspondence with each party, ministries, municipalities, etc.
④ Management support
Social business manager training camp "Tomorrow", general meeting / social gathering, joint / separate training by role / job type
⑤ Research / information dissemination
Outgoing communication in SNS (Facebook, Twitter) etc.
※ New public interest federation operates the secretariat by  general corporation RCF.
Officer Representative Director:Tomoko Shirai
Director / Executive Director: Retsu Fujisawa (General corporate foundation RCF)
Director: Daichi Konuma (NPO Corporation Cross Fields)
Auditor: Hidemasa Onizawa(Onizawa Law Office)
Number of member organizations 130 organizations · Individuals (full members - 110 organizations · partner members (supporting members) - 20corporations / individuals)
Accounting report If information gathers up, we will post it here